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Homeopathy: restore your own wellbeing


I specialise in treating anxiety, insomnia and PTSD, as these often-hidden conditions can limit you so much, yet respond so well to homeopathy. Every day I see the awesome and innate healing ability our bodies have, and the powerful role homeopathy can play in this. This is both a privilege for me to be part of, and continually empowering for my patients. We work together to get you better.


Many people first come to see me because they've used homeopathic remedies like Arnica at home, or they've heard from friends how effective homeopathy has been for them.


Homeopaths treat you rather than your disease - working towards a higher level of health and wellbeing overall, and increasing your resilience to illness.


But whatever you're struggling with (i.e. anything that is affecting your wellbeing), homeopathic remedies will 'prompt' your body to rebalance itself. People come to me with a wide range of reasons including: menopausal symptoms, anxiety, insomnia, hay fever, depression, injuries, pregnancy complaints, asthma, grief, post-natal ailments, low self-confidence, childhood illnesses, recurrent infections - and many more.


"When I saw Evie I was pretty desperate and wasn't sure what was wrong or what I needed, but I knew I was way off balance and I couldn't find my way back. Evie seemed to understand completely and was very clear about what I needed. I didn't know what the remedy was at the time, but I took it as instructed and the effect was profound." RN