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What my patients say...


"... Our first consultation, which was very comprehensive, was at times quite upsetting for me but Evie handled traumatic and emotional issues sensitively and with compassion so that I was comforted and at no time felt pressured into divulging anything that I was not comfortable doing. The session was relaxed and I left feeling very confident that help was on its way. During subsequent appointments, most of which were held over Skype, she dealt with each health issue that arose promptly and eventually my long-standing problem was cured, while other issues that arose during treatment were all addressed and finally sorted.  

Evie is a lovely person and extremely approachable and I'm quite confident that should I experience any further problems that she would be the person I would turn to.  She is also now treating members of my family who have expressed the same level of confidence and appreciation for her as a person and as a homeopath." DP (Meniere's disease and TMJ pain)


During a bad dose of flu, I contacted Evie via the online e-Homeopathy form, worried in case I might develop a post viral illness. She quickly understood my concerns and prescribed a remedy within a couple of hours, inviting me to keep in touch and update her on my progress which I did!  After 3 days I felt vastly improved and made a total recovery. I cannot recommend e-homeopathy highly enough and feel lucky to have discovered Evie and the fantastic service she offers." CB (Influenza)


"Evie is a brilliant therapist, a great listener and a great homeopath. Highly recommended!" JD (Recurrent sore throats and Fertility)


"I have consulted three or four homoeopathic practitioners over many years and Evie is by far the most approachable of the bunch. During a consultation with Evie you feel properly listened to and in the prescribing of remedies you receive a caring, meticulous and swift response. Evie's own respect for the practice of homoeopathy is reflected in her energetic commitment to seek for the right remedy. I recommend her practice both to newcomers to homoeopathy and to those familiar with it." SR (Anxiety and Side effects of prescription medication)


"I began seeing Evie about my own sleep related issues - which have improved greatly. The one thing left to disturb my sleep was my 2 year old who would wake 2-3 times a night with night terrors. Evie prescribed a remedy, I gave it to her, and now she sleeps! Evie is professional, empathetic and trust worthy and I highly recommend her." MR (Insomnia and Night terrors)


"A thorough consultation and immediate relief from symptoms of a virus." KM (Herpetic gingivostomatitis)