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I'd always been amazed by the power of homeopathy - from a patient's perspective - having seen homeopaths since I was a child. After travelling the world making documentaries in my 20s, our first daughter arrived - and my whole outlook changed. Homeopathy had helped me so much during my pregnancy and birth, and now I wanted to share this way of achieving health and wellbeing with everyone I could! After 4 years training at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy that is a continuing aim in my practise.


Having experienced it first-hand many times, that return to "feeling like myself again" is unparalleled. And being able to help people reach that level of wellbeing remains an inspiration to me in my pracise.


I continue to be thrilled by the range of physical, mental and emotional conditions homeopathy can help with. I have a special interest in treating anxiety, insomnia and hay fever, but in my practice I also see a very wide range of other conditions.


I trained for 4 years at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy in Bristol, and am now based in Frome, in the Mendips.



Homeopath in Bruton and Frome