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Online consultation

for minor illness and injuries.


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Consultations with me


Come and tell me all about what you'd like help with. Homeopathy treats the whole person, so I'll build up a picture including your current health concerns, anything you have a tendency to, things that trigger illness for you, and your general likes and dislikes. First consultations take an hour or so, at the end of which I'll put together an individual homeopathic treatment plan for you.


I see most of my patients through Skype or FaceTime, which enables me to work with those in Frome, Bristol, London and further afield. I also have a small number of morning home-visits available each month in Frome, so do let me know if this would suit you better when you get in touch.


Follow ups, 2-6 weeks later, last around 30 minutes. Getting better is a process, so I usually recommend three appointments initially, although expect improvements to begin after the first.


Fees for standard consultations:

Adults: £60 1st consultation / £45 follow ups

Children: £45 1st consultation / £35 follow ups


Minor illness or injuries:

£15 e-Homeopathy online consultation (available 24/7)