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By Evie, May 20 2016 08:50PM

With exam season in full swing, Lycopodium is a remedy often called upon in my practice.

Those needing Lycopodium often appear confident but underneath can have very low self-esteem, suffering easily from anticipatory anxiety such as stage fright or exam nerves. There can be a lot of fears and anxieties, mainly centred around their success/failure and how their performance is perceived by others.

They may, in their past, have been pushed to succeed or to conform, and their outward reponse to this has been to rise to these expectations with a certain arrogance. But this simply masks their inner doubts.

Physically Lycopodium is used for many conditions of the liver and gastrointestinal system, such as IBS, gall stones, ulcers and Crohn's disease. The skin also ulcerates easily, and can appear generally unhealthy.

Symptoms I look out for to help confirm giving Lycopodium include:

Right-sided symptoms

Feeling worse between 4pm and 8pm

Bloating and wind accompany many ailments

Desire warm drinks

Fear of responsibility

Cracked heels

Big appetite but full very quickly

Treating your family

If you're treating yourself or your family start off by giving the selected remedy in a single dose of 30c or 200c potency. If it helps then only repeat if/when the symptoms begin to return. If it's an ongoing problem, or the remedy you choose doesn't improve things, then it's best to come for a consultation.

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