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By Evie, Feb 23 2016 11:06AM

“Every little sound wakes me up – I feel like I’m awake all night!”

“My mind races for hours in the night with all the things I need to do at work.”

“I just can’t get to sleep!”

How's your sleep?

You may well have suffered from insomnia yourself at some point; a great many of us have. And because it often accompanies a time of stress in your life, the sleeplessness itself can seem that much worse.

So, you’ve tried a bath before bed, a warm milky drink and turning off the telly, but you still cant sleep. You’ve been for a run in the day to wear yourself out and get some fresh air, you didn’t have your afternoon coffee or the cake – but you still cant sleep! You didn’t want to resort to sleeping pills and their possible side effects… Let’s have a look at how homeopathy can help.

When you see a homeopath for insomnia they will look at the details of how your sleep is affected, as well as finding out all about you. There can often be a cause such as grief, homesickness or anxiety, or you may have been prone to it for as long as you can remember. The remedy you are given will depend on this whole ‘picture’, but the specifics of your sleeplessness will help to pin down the right remedy for you.

A few homeopathic remedies for insomnia:

You’re waking at 2-4am and can’t get to sleep because you just can’t let go – Kali carb may help. Especially if you’re sensitive to the cold, don’t like changes in your life, and are prone to sciatica.

If you’ve had trouble sleeping ever since you suffered a bereavement, we could be looking at Natrum mur. Cravings for salty foods, dwelling on the past when you’re trying to sleep and a tendency to get migraines might confirm this.

After periods of extreme stress or worry you might feel like you’re somehow too tired to sleep. If you feel depleted and weak, mentally exhausted after using your brain so much and startle from the slightest noise – you may benefit from Kali phos.

Nux vomica can act well for insomnia in adrenalin-driven ‘-oholics’ who over-indulge, be it in coffee, spicy food, alcohol or working too hard. They wake at 3 or 4 am and are kept awake by the ‘to do’ list building up in their head.

These are just a few examples of remedies used to treat insomnia, and an idea of the types of symptoms I will be looking at in selecting the right remedy for you.

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