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By Evie, Jul 25 2017 05:35PM

Belladonna is our remedy focus for summer because it is a fantastic remedy for too much sun. You might well know it as 'the fever remedy' but there's so much more to it than that.

Recognising Belladonna

There are two key themes to Belladonna to look out for:

Firstly, symptoms that are Red, Hot and Throbbing.

Secondly, there is an element of drama to Belladonna in almost every case. The ailments are often extreme (e.g. burning hot fever), can include intense fears or hallucinations and symptoms may appear and disappear very quickly.

Physically Belladonna is an important remedy for the early stages of inflammation, and should be considered wherever the key symptoms fit. Cases might include abscesses, childhood illnesses, ear infections, sunburn, sunstroke and - of course - fever.

The senses all tend to be heightened, so bright light, noise and touch can all make someone needing Belladonna feel worse.

The causation or aetiology (what brings on a complaint) for Belladonna includes too much sun, being caught in a cold wind and having your hair cut (strange but true!).

Symptoms I look out for to help confirm giving Belladonna include:

Sudden onset of symptoms

Throbbing pains (including headaches)

Dilated pupils

Bright red skin

Dry, radiating heat

Worse for sudden movement

Worse around 3pm


Treating your family

If you're treating yourself or your family start off by giving the selected remedy in a single dose of 30c or 200c potency. If it helps then only repeat if/when the symptoms begin to return. With something like sunstroke it may need repeating frequently to start with, even every 5 minutes. If it's an ongoing problem, or the remedy you choose doesn't improve things, then it's best to come for a consultation.

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