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By Evie, Mar 14 2017 03:09PM

Aconite is one of our top remedies for shock or fright. If there's a detached "I'm fine" you're more likely to need Arnica, but if the reaction is somewhat like a headless chicken then Aconite is probably the one. Restless panic is how I would sum it up.

Recognising Aconite

There are two main situations where you're likely to choose Aconite: to treat shock and to prevent colds and coughs developing. As a homeopath I also use it in chronic cases, especially is a patient has 'never been well since' a shock or frightening event, but that's not a situation to self-prescribe in.

Many people (myself included) successfully ward off colds and the like by taking Aconite at the absolutely first sign of illness. Once you're 24 or even 12 hours into an illness then it's probably too late for Aconite to help (although other remedies still can then). It's really good for us to become aware of the signs and symptoms our body gives as we're just on the brink of getting ill. For me it's a slightly sore throat in the evening. If I take an Aconite straight away that's almost always the end of it. But if I leave it untl the morning then I've usually got a cold or cough developing, and it's too late for Aconite. Have a think about what those first little signs are for you, and try taking an Aconite next time.

Treating fright or shock is the other main use of Aconite, and this is where the bigger picture of the remedy comes in. At my homeopathy workshops I always talk about how fear in parents makes it much harder for us to nurse our sick children, and I always recommend parents keep Aconite to hand for these moments. If your child suddenly becomes ill or has an accident and you feel panicky and pace around not knowing what to do, it can really help to give yourself Aconite. It can calm you enough to then support you child. This same panicky, restless reaction can follow any frightening or shocking event, such as a car accident or even a bad fall.

Symptoms I look out for to help confirm giving Aconite include:


A look of panic or fear

Following a fright or shock

Following exposure to cold wind

The very, very first signs of a cold, cough, croup or fever

Fear (and sometimes presentiment) of death

Sudden onset symptoms

Treating your family

If you're treating yourself or your family start off by giving the selected remedy in a single dose of 30c or 200c potency. If it helps then only repeat if/when the symptoms begin to return. If it's an ongoing problem, or the remedy you choose doesn't improve things, then it's best to come for a consultation.

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