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Homeopathy for Anxiety

By Evie, Jun 5 2016 12:00PM

"Anxiety? Where shall I start..."

"I'm the Queen of worry, that's who I am."

"I find it better just to stay home and keep safe"

How does Homeopathy help Anxiety?

Anxiety is something I see very often in my practice, and one of the things I find most fulfilling to help with.

It makes such a difference to people's lives when they can leave the house, socialise, let their children our of their sight, visit the dentist, go in a lift, fly abroad or generally go about their everyday life without an underlying sense of worry.

"I just feel like myself again" is a phrase I often hear when a remedy has really shifted something. And never more so in anxiety cases.

Homeopaths don't approach mental or emotional health any differently than physical health - I see all symptoms as signs of being out of kilter overall in some way. By finding remedies that match your individual pattern of symptoms, I can help you to rebalance on every level, and get you back to your happy, healthy self.

Where does Anxiety come from?

Anxiety often has a root cause, and identifying this helps to find the right remedies for you. It may have been an emotional shock such as a bereavement or being in an accident. Or it might have started when you were a child and had to start a new school away from your friends. Becoming a parent is also a common cause of anxiety developing. There are many possible triggers - these are just a few examples.

On a day-to-day basis people find that seemingly-small things make them much more anxious, such as meeting new people, making a phone call or travelling as a passenger in a car.

What happens if I come to see you?

Our 1st consultation will take around an hour, in person or via Skype. You'll tell me all about what you'd like help with and together we'll build up a picture of your current concerns, anything you have a tendency to, things that trigger illness for you, and your general likes and dislikes. I'll then put together a homeopathic treatment plan for you.

I often give a remedy conbination for you to keep on you, to take whenever those panicky feelings start brewing - and I keep hearing how much this helps. Alongside this I will give you a remedy that fits your whole individual pattern of symptoms, which will work on a deeper level to balance you overall, reducing your tendency to anxiety.

Restoring your wellbeing is process not an event, and I will support you throughout this journey.

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